Podcast #39: OUT 100 List, They Tried It & the Meaning of Acknowledgment

In this week’s episode we discuss the honorees on the OUT 100 in 2016 list. We begin a new segment called “white people who tried it”, in which we discuss BBC Newsbeat asking about the stereotype of Black British eating chicken, Rachel Dolezal’s book on pre-order, and Rob Kardashian threatening Pilot Jones with racist and homophobic taunts. In our second segment we discuss Lil’ Wayne’s dismissive and uninformed answers about the importance of the #BlackLivesMatter movement as well as the founders of that movement being honored as three of Glamour’s women of the year. In our final segment we discuss the things we’re excited about.

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By Chantel C

Activist | Blogger | Facilitator | In the struggle against racism & homophobia

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