Vienna Queer Performance Festival – Interview with Gingehou Abrogoua

Gingehou Abrogoua aka Eric Abrogoua is an actor, dancer and community organizer who lives in Paris France. Gingehou was featured at The S_P_I_T Queer Performance Festival in Vienna, Austria to perform in a spellbinding piece that incorporated video, movement and music to create a tapestry of raw emotion. Denise got a chance to speak with Gingehou as part of our Special Edition series featuring artists from The Queer Festival

They discuss topics ranging from Gingehou’s ability to own their gender and sexuality, how to transform violence and how performance functions in queer spaces.

From The S_P_I_T Queer Performance Festival:

Eric Abrogoua (FR)

“I am not your negro”, said James Baldwin
“Fuck all the things I have to do to please you”, may answer VBSS
“Cause actually … I am not your queer, your man or your woman: I am not your object.
I never wanted in your box. Who did create it? Something about this violence we endure, what it does, how we fall into each other’s representations. VBSS is the name of an ambivalence and a sex node. The very term expresses the lack of communication in our society. Sex is the place where everyone has the opportunity to free oneself. It’s a shout. A way to the universal. Everyone has something to address, a message for all sexuality, gender, race, class… Diva is many sould, voices, bodies.

You can learn more about Gingehou Abrogoua’s projects here:
Evil Queens

Photos below are of Gingehou Abrogoua and were taken by Denise

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