Podcast #29: #HandsoffCaster, the Nightly Show & Nate Parker

This week we talk about the complexities surrounding the intersections of gender, sexuality, and the loss of a piece of representation in pop culture. Gabby Douglas is still under pressure for being a black woman while being excellent at the Rio Olympics. How do we deal with gender non-conforming athletes? Caster Semenya was an opportunity to clarify that but instead her wins are still met with skepticism and a lack of LGBT discourse and solidarity. Larry Wilmore’s Nightly Show was cancelled by Comedy Central. How tenuous is the future of controversial political satire when controlled by those that are not invested in it? The former rape case against Nate Parker and its current implications on community support of Birth Of A Nation in light of Nate’s role in a sexual assault. And we end with what’s making us happy.

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